This is Reiki — The Grand Finale

See Cat
1 min readMay 2, 2022

Eyes closed. Arms out. Palms up.

On either side of me, a line of people. Their energy guides me forward.

Healing sounds of crystals bowls and drums resonate through the air.

Each step forward the feeling of love builds. Hands are gently placed, and I trust them to move me along the path. Words of affirmation, whispered in my ear as I walk.

“You are enough.”

“I see you.”

“You have superpowers, use them!”

The tears are falling down my face, despite being in a room of people who were strangers to me two days ago. Strangers that are throwing more love to me in a five-minute walk down this line of light, than I’ve ever experienced in that same duration at any other time in my life.

They say every word that my soul needs to hear.

At the end, I am met with a hug from Heidi, one of our retreat leaders.

After we embrace, I take my spot on the side and look down the row.

Hands are up. Smiles are on. Tears of Joy are flowing.

This is Reiki.



See Cat

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