I’m Naked Over Here [Part II]

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7 min readJan 18


Wow. Just going to jump right in here. If you haven’t checked out Part I, I would do that first. Otherwise, this might be confusing.

Realistically, it may very well be confusing regardless, haha.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Breasts –

Just like my butt, they’ve always been too big for my frame. I had the hourglass figure, that’s for sure. But it was uncomfortable and made me very self-conscious.

I never could tell if anyone was talking to me or my breasts. People just couldn’t help but gawk at them.

My breast surgeon told me to wait on the reduction until after I finished having my kids, to avoid any complications with breastfeeding. Little did he (or I) know that my breasts were completely dysfunctional when it came to feeding my children.

I was ashamed. They had one job, and they couldn’t deliver. [This requires an article of its own. I’ve come to terms with it now, but it was a difficult time for me.]

After my son was a year old, I had scheduled the reduction. Unfortunately, my gallbladder wanted all the attention and almost derailed my breast surgery. I ended up never having had surgery in my entire life, to having two major surgeries in a matter of three months.

I still have scars, but they’re not too bad. Kind of like FrankenBoobs. They are just the right size now. We’ve come a long way. I’m hoping they stay around for a while. (My mother had to have a double mastectomy and I still fear that one day I’ll suffer the same fate.)

Arms, Back –

Nothing too exciting here.

My upper body is covered in random aggregated constellations of freckles and spots. Front and back.


My left pinky is a little wonky. I broke it when I was younger trying to splash my dad in the pool. It was hanging off the side of my hand and my dad kept trying to push it back up into place to tell me it was fine.

It wasn’t fine.

I broke it at the growth plate. So, it sort of does its own thing. A little social distance from the other digits. My other fingers are naturally a little crooked. I wonder if everyone has



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