I’m Naked Over Here! [Part I]

Meeting my Reflection — My Version of Mirror Work

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7 min readJan 18


I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, but I kept putting it off. I tried every excuse.

There wasn’t enough time… The house was too noisy… There were too many people around… The mailman might knock… I have to finish my coffee... I have an appointment in three hours…

Ok, you’re right, I was just dragging my feet.

Photo by Janosch Lino on Unsplash

Ever since I watched the episode on Goop where the sex therapist had the woman stand in front of the mirror naked, I thought I should partake in a session of my own.

Of course, I decided to go at it alone. Below you’ll find the detailed account. I think it served its purpose.

Welp. I’m naked.

This might be the first time I’ve been in front of my computer entirely naked. Well, that’s a bit of a lie. No, not the computer part. The being entirely naked part. It’s freezing cold in this room, so I need a robe. I guess that’s sort of cheating.

Unnecessary details (prepare yourself for more of these).

Let’s continue.

My intention with this exercise is to move from my feet to my head. I’m looking at my body with an unbiased (?) perspective.

Seeing the parts — skin, scars, marks, and all — in hope of connecting my inner self with my physical self. Uniting the two with love. Love that I deserve. A love that no one else can give to me.

I’m going rogue here.

This might get boring. I’m going to use the stream of consciousness technique as I move through each area of my body.

Feel free to dip out at any time.

I’m in a lotus position to start out.


The bottoms of my feet are a little rough. I love walking outside barefoot. Actually, I would prefer to be barefoot all the time if that was an option. I hate shoes. They’re too restricting. I keep my toenails trimmed short. No polish on them today. They need to breathe too, and I have the habit of putting polish on and leaving it until it falls off on its own. I’m told that isn’t great for the nail, so I’m letting them live free…



See Cat

Science meets mysticism. Come play on the monkey bars of my brain. Hopefully I leave you with more questions than answers.