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Just Be with me. It’s simple.

See Cat
2 min readJan 12


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Everyone needs to vent.

Unleash. Let it all out.

Scream into the pillow.

Throw your hands in the air.

Rant. Pace. Stomp. Cry.

Talk Fast. Hardly talk.

The kickoff isn’t always something major. Might just be a little blip on the radar.

But the blips add up to bloops, and the bloops can be a doozy.

Often people assume that I’m reaching out because I’m expecting them to drop what they’re doing and spring into action.

That I’m looking for answers.

That I won’t accept anything less than the perfect solution.

I know my favorite question is “Why,” but I’m not asking for you to know it all.

Let me let you in on a secret that shouldn’t be a secret. Maybe it’ll take the pressure off.

You don’t need to fix me.

I’m fixing myself. Well, I’m trying to, at least.

When I say things out loud, or in my writing, it helps me to process them.

I’m not saying them because I want you to explain what I think about my thoughts.

Or why they’re right or wrong.

I’m not looking for you to redirect me or justify my experiences.

I just want you to listen.

I just want to feel your support.

I just want your company.

I just want your love.

I don’t need you to develop a plan.

I just need you to be there.

Your attempt at trying to be present doesn’t require aggressive prompts, long sighs, or overall aggravation.

It actually requires nothing more than you just being,

With me.

Like I said, it’s simple.

Your response to my words makes me retreat.

I shut down so you’ll calm down.

But then I’m alone. Again.

Just. Be. With. Me.



See Cat

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